Say part 10 is not working then get only part 10 from Junocloud. Similarly get the other two parts. Get it fast before they go down as well and we remove the links.. Did you open the DVD and find the razor folder in it?

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If not use the link from update section on the links page to get it. I figured out how to copy razor to hard disk…it said not enough space…what to I do. You need to use the OS X version of jDownloader. Search it in Google and install that one. The one given here is for Windows PC. Sorry for that. You will find on links page in instructions we have added a file that gives you some serials. Use any one of them. Its a bit different for Mac. So what you do is go to applications and then the Sims 3 folder.

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Right click on the Sims 3 icon and select show package contents. Is the internet on? If it is then turn it off. Close the window and start it again. See what happens.

I m out of ideas. Try this. First restart your PC and see if it works after that. If not then use the following steps and see. Completely uninstall it. Remove all traces of it form your PC. Turn your internet off. Then install it again. See if this helps. Keep the internet off all the time to see.

Mount it just in case something is interfering. If its already mounted then open the DVD and start installing from there. Hey, Um where do I find the thing that gives the code? Plus like is there any of the links that have no wait time? Also I forgot to ask, what if I install it to a flashdrive, can I still play it, just if I have my flashdrive plugged in? Another question: Hope you see all my probloems and comments. Do I extract all the rar files all at one time or one at a time? You see all my other questions upo there I guess. Watch the video tutorial around 4 Minutes you will find how.

A razor folder in the DVD has the files that gives you the code. Or you can copy them from the links page. I think you can install it on flash drive but expect it to work smoothly and your save files will be in your PC so even if you take the flash drive everywhere you will have start from scratch.

You can always install and check for yourself. Selecting only 1st part and extracting should given you the ISO file unless the parts themselves are zipped in which case select all parts and extract them. Do this process again if needed till you get the ISO files.

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Hope this answers all your questions. Admin please help me. It is because i have no disc? Im only downloading in internet. That will fix your problem.

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You cannot paste the copied files to wrong folder expect it to work. Copy it to the exact folder told in the video otherwise it wont work. You can use the file that looks like the one from the video to start playing. See this video. Thank you. My daughter is going to love this. I agree Mine too. There is no virus.

The Sims 3 - "Unknown Error Occurred" Glitch FIX

Let me know if you need any help. I m going to give this to my girl and she will make me happy. I hear ya bro.

Carlos did you follow the instructions where you need to copy some files from the DVD in step 5. If you dont follow it you will get that problem. Let us know. Do not use any online features in the game.. Better yet turn off internet and uninstall the game and install it again. If it does then use a firewall to block the game from connecting to internet and then turn your internet back on.

Its easy. Watch the tutorial videos and you will be getting it in no time. Is there a solution to this?

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Try disabling your internet before starting also did you copy the files from DVD and replace the original files? If you read the step no 5 given in instructions there you will find the exact details about it. Let us know if you need more help. Please reply admin Thanks. If you update from within the game then it will stop working. Check the download page for update information. If you mean buy mode as in go to the online store then you cannot go online with this. To play online you need to buy the game.

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But everything that the offline mode supports is included in this release. Yes it will work as it includes the game disc. Make sure you follow instructions exactly as told above.

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I guess they're planning on releasing even more DLCs. I'm sure it'll have a ridiculous price whenever it comes out.. LegatoSkyheart Follow Forum Posts: Sims 2 had like hundreds of expansions and no complete collection was made I believe. So no Sims 3 won't have one. LegatoSkyheart Really? I've always thought that there was one.. Shatilov Follow Forum Posts: Same here.

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I only have the base game and World Adventures. Ah, i knew there was something! I knew about Sims 1 complete, didn't know abot the other. Players will control their own Sims and maintain real life activities and relations. A new guide system is also introduced in the game, which players can use for the better simulation of Sims in the game.

There is no pre-defined role or boundaries in the game, players are not bound to completing any objective in The Sims 4 For Mac free download. Customization and changing physical appearance of Sims is unlocked at level 30, however players can unlock it earlier by completing certain tasks.

Regular expansion packs are released for the game such as Laundry Day, Seasons and many more, bringing new simulations with each release. Moreover, players can build cities or even countries from scratch.