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You can alter the appearance of tick types under the Ticks tab by choosing an option under Major tick mark type. It is also useful to know how to change the location of the axis labels. High will move the axis labels above the plot area. If the axis is not at the bottom of the plot area e. In this example, because the axis is at the bottom of the plot area, Low and Next to Axis will be the same. Use your own discretion when experimenting with these features.

Alignment will change the alignment of the labels and will also allow you to change the text direction horizontal, rotated, stacked. As with the horizontal axis there is a dialogue box for modifying the vertical axis. To get to it, double click on the vertical axis and the Format Axis dialogue box will appear. Remember that the axis is overlaid on the chart area, so make sure you are actually on the axis when you click.

You can tell when the axis is selected because light blue dots will appear on the corners. Alternatively, you can reach this dialogue box by going to the Format tab or the Layout tab under the Charts toolbar and selecting Vertical Value Axis from the dropdown menu found at the top of the Current Selection group far left of the Ribbon. Then select Format Selection.

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One of the single most important things to know about graphs is how to alter the size of the vertical axis. Such a simple change can greatly alter the appearance of data and potentially the interpretation. Histogram chart []. Pareto chart []. Box and Whisker [].

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