I am wondering if it was meant to have 2 pounds of macaroni, not 1. I made this an there was double the amount of sauce needed. You have double that.


Just wondering. No, the pasta amount is correct. Yum Yum Yum! We halved this as well and it made a ton of mac and cheese! Very saucy, which was lovely. Thanks Deb :. I made half the amount and swapped the bread cubes for Panko because I just love the texture of the crumbs.

I drizzled them with the melted butter first and they all came out so crispy and golden. The pasta is a wider tube so each piece was like a pocket of melted cheese sauce. Thank you!!! Deb — i was trying to cut down on dishes and labor a bit, and was thinking that maybe i could make the cheese sauce in a cast iron skillet, pour the macaroni into that, stir, and then place the skillet directly into the oven.

Do you think that would be problematic?? Hi Tracy — Not at all. The mac is swimming in a pool of runny sauce, looks nothing like your picture. This recipe is the one I photographed.


I promise, I have absolutely nothing to gain by misleading readers! It also allows the dish to be reheatable without becoming dry. Just one note, definitely worth the wait to reheat this in the oven instead of the microwave as the bread on top goes chewy. Oh one more thing — I had to bake this about double the amount of time suggested even though I only used half the amount. I used gluten free pasta which cooks in the same amount of time as normal pasta but even still it was still crunchy, will boil it longer next time.

They do taste similar. This has been my go to for quite a while.

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  • Slow cooker broccoli mac and cheese.

It does cost some dollars to make. I have catered funeral and wedding receptions and made this for them all — it is always a huge hit! Just thought some others might want to know. I find that this recipe for the oven requires numerous pans and utensils and is just a mess to make!

BEST Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - I Heart Recipes

The crockpot method uses just the crockpot and was very easy!!! I melted the butter in the crock pot. Then, added the flour. Then, added 1 cup of warm milk. After making sure it was not lumpy, I added 4 more cups of milk cold. I stirred every now and then. Finally, after an hour and a half or so, the noodles were very close. I turned off the crockpot and took off the lid. I will always make it this way now!! It is a tad pricey but if you use any other cheeses it just is NOT the same.

This is the greatest Mac and Cheese recipe ever! This was my first homemade try mac-n-cheese, and it rocked.

Slow cooker broccoli mac and cheese

Some thoughts for those who might want to try something similar: the wheat croutons seemed to overwhelm the cheesy flavor that can be delicate next to a strong whole-grain-y taste. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

Instead of using the bread cubes the better and easier and more crunchy way is just getting soft cubed stuffing. Put on top of Mac and Cheese then add remaining cheese and bake. Another hint is a touch of onion powder. Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe!!!

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

I used panko bread crumbs instead of the home made ones in the recipe and it was just perfect. So delicious!!!!!!! Thanks again! I made this tonight for the second time. She rated it 2nd on her all time favorites list. On a whim, this time I doubled the nutmeg and cayenne and that gave it a nice extra kick. My family loves it. Of course I do to. Deb, I made this tonight and am just finishing up bowl 1. This is in the oven right now. Damn you and your gorgeous pictures.

Love it! BUT what are your recommendations for reheating?? What temp, and for how long? In general, I like to reheat things quite slowly, at about degrees, so not to cook them an additional time.

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Thank you so much I absolutely cannot wait until your book arrives… yayyyy pre-order :- Hoping I can also make it to one of your readings in Jersey. Thanks again for such an awesome site with amazing recipes. I just made this for dinner. Never stop posting! Like when I totally spaced and mixed all the cheese into the sauce instead of saving some for the top. FYI, adding 1. Just add the truffle oil to the milk when you add the cheese — incredibly decadent. Gruyere is nuttier; Romano is saltier.

You could also use half of each and meet them in the middle. I used panko sauteed with butter and mixed with grated asiago and a dash of cayenne for my topping. I also used put some asiago in the cheese sauce. Enjoy you will get accolades and requests for more more more!

Rule the Kitchen with More Recipe Faves

The finished product was kind of mushy and bland. The second time I corrected these mistakes by undercooking the pasta you can bite through it but it tastes uncooked and heating the milk to a boil. I baked on I misread again for 28 minutes because I had less liquid in my sauce. I was happy with the result. The bread cubes had the texture of toasted bread, which contrasted perfectly with the cheesiness and chewiness of the macaroni which is how I like my mac, cheesy and chewy. Serving the mac also left strings of cheese trailing on the serving spoon, a characteristic that was noticeably missing from my first attempt.

All in all, this recipe was a good starting point for me a beginner cook to customize the way I like my mac.