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I felt compelled to create an account so I could give this absolute rubbish a deserved one-star rating. How about fixing that damned java error already! Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login.

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Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. I have a fix, but it sucks. Grab a coffee, beer, or whatever helps you get through tedious nonsense and let's go:. Download VirtualBox 6. If this is your first time installing MTGA via Wine or you deleted your old installation, you need to tell Wineskin where to find the executable:.

I may give up if I have to do this every time an update comes out. Is someone trying to get MTGA to work without wineskin? I'm trying but seems during install he skips all the installation process and when clicking "Finish" he just throw an exception. Samega7Cattac You still need Wineskin, but the instructions above will fix the issue you're having. Not sure where I could host it. Random that I'm trying to do this as your helping someone else. So I worked through everything you listed above to fix the issue in terms of installing Virtualbox, etc After this update I'm not able to play the game in window mode, even after forced window mode in screen option.

I'm going to try it now, this last update I had the same problem that abcbarryn had too. I'll let you know how it goes :.

MTG Arena Mac Guide - How to Easily Play MTG Arena on Your Mac

Thanks so much for the assistance on this Secondly, once I find wherever this folder is, I'm able to drag it from the Virtualbox onto the Mac? It didn't look like the icon for the MTGarena itself was allowing me to do that.

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I am not amazing with computers by any stretch of the imagination so I assume I made a mistake somewhere! Thank you for your time!! Hi, I'm new to this and maybe I'm doing something terribly stupid My problem seems to be a bit different:. Do the following:. Step 9 is about browsing the Windows file system. Not sure what MTGarena button you're talking about. Within Windows, you want to browse the file system. There will be a button you can click call "This PC" or something. You should see the shared folder you setup step 3 under "The Workaround" listed as a network drive.

That's where you want to drag the Wizards of the Coast folder to get it on your Mac. Or what?

I followed the instructions you commented and it led me here:. So, no folder to be seen. I'm certain I'm missing something, but I've followed exactly every step in your guide. Any thoughts? How can I get it working in windowed mode? I tried to change in screen option but nothing changed. I'm sorry for your trouble. Thanks for the guide! Wine doesn't launch? No error messages?

That's incredibly odd. If I set that value back to the default 'nothing. If I clear out the windows exe value and set it back to the default, it will then launch as usual asking to install an executable. WilhelminaPepermunt Awesome!

Play Magic Arena on a Mac with Vectordash

I updated the original directions with the new installer. The WOTC update doesn't specifically mention helping Wine users, but it seems people are having success with the msi. I probably won't test this new method until the next update--I really don't want to uninstall something that's working just for fun. If that doesn't work, I'll try to help troubleshoot the VirtualBox workaround. Yeah, the new msi just gives me the 'No executables were found', so screw it, done wasting my time. Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into a solution.

WilhelminaPepermunt thank you so much for posting that forum post. It works, it's an even better installer than before!

Now to try adding retina support never found those extra steps before. Ahrimourn Hm.

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Not sure. I keep it on low because, even then, it makes my MacBook Pro with a Radeon heat up like crazy. I could test later, but I suspect you'll have an answer by then. I also was sure to turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing. And in the VirtualBox settings, my shared folder is turned on to the specifications in your step. As somewhat of an aside, do I need to make sure that the shared folder goes through my Hard Drive or Desktop or?

Sorry, not exactly good with the programming lingo. I'm hoping that's also true for Mac. If not, I'll update the post. Thanks a million. Thanks for your help. I have had to reinstall every time there is an update. The instructions say to choose MTGA. So yes, it would be appreciated if you update the msi link. So, I'm not sure where you're seeing the old directions. The whole point of this new release was to stop that:. Players will no longer be required to download and reinstall the entire client when updating Magic: The Gathering Arena.

In future updates, players will only need to download the specific changes in the update. My hope is that this will work through Wine, but we'll have to wait and see. With any luck, you won't need to go through this process again.

MTG Forge: Playing Magic with the Computer

If you do, I'll update the link in the main post. The msi link comes from this thread on mtgarena. The instructions does not seems to work, or at least not in my case. I downloaded the files as specified in the instructions, but when I choose the. No new executables found! Strangely, after a couple of seconds, the setup window pops up and I can install the game as the wine wrapper should do. However, the wine wrapper does not seems to recognize this installation and asks for a setup.

EXE as the executable to launch and I have been playing the game since then with no issues. Maybe your wrapper is messed up? Maybe try deleting and re-downloading the wrapper? Still got the same error. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Is it ok to just delete de mtgarena wrapper or i have to something else to "uninstall"? And it worked for me. Do you remember to put the wrapper in the application folder?